Nestled at the end of Rancho California Road in Temecula Valley lies our family estate vineyard and winery. When the Wilson family acquired a 20-acre winery in 1996, our intentions were simple. We wanted to run a fun, family business producing great wines from the conducive climate and soil of the Temecula Valley. In fact, the only previous winemaking experience in our family was Gerry and Rosie Wilson’s attempts to make dandelion and rhubarb wine in their basement in Minnesota!

If you have visited the winery, then you have seen the fabulous pavilion with the white gazebo, vineyard view stage and concert stage, as well as our lower garden area that’s great for picnics and strolls. We have an amazing event center complete with a Garden View Terrace Room, a grand Champagne Ballroom and our intimate Barrel Room. The Creekside Grille Restaurant is located outdoors surrounded by lush Cabernet Sauvignon vines on one side and the Event Center on the other. With grounds like these it’s no wonder why weddings are our specialty, and we have had hundreds of amazing weddings. We also have one of the best Wine Clubs in the Valley. When you join the club, you are not just a member, instead you become part of our “extended family.”

See our article entitled, “Uncorking a Family Business” in the October 28, 2004 issue of Business Week Online.

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