Thanksgiving Pie + Wine Pairings

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey with Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is already here! With so much to be thankful for, we wanted to take time to thank all of our Wine Club Members and Guests who enhance our lives everyday! You are the reason we love bringing you fine wine, delicious cuisine, and good times!

To celebrate you all and all the things we have to be thankful for, Wilson Creek put together a few wine pairings to go with your favorite Thanksgiving Pies! Because nothing says celebration like sweet treats and bubbly!


Brut Sparkling or Chardonnay



Almond Sparkling or Vanilla Sparkling



Vanilla Sparkling or Angelica Cream Sherry


4 key lime pie

Coconut Nui Sparkling or Golden Jubilee


5 lemon

Rose Sparkling or VS White Cabernet


6 cherry

Sangria Sparkling or VS Cabernet-Zinfandel


7 choc cream pie

Almond Sparkling or Decadencia Chocolate Port


8 blueberry

Sangria Sparkling or VS Cabernet-Zinfandel


9 peach cobbler

Brut Sparkling or Riesling


Keep an eye out for our CYBER MONDAY deals on November 27th! Perfect for holiday gifts or all that leftover Thanksgiving pie!
Once again, THANK YOU!

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